5 Reasons Why to Employ First Avenue Property as Your Property Manager

July 13, 2015

We know that you’re too busy to read length articles, so we’ve had to filter through the abundance of reasons why you need First Avenue Property as your Property Manager, and give you the top 5.

#1: We know Property Management
Of course your saying, “Well, doesn’t every property management firm out there?” Yes and no. Sure they know the tasks that need to be carried out by a property manager, but does that make them a good property manager?

We know how to get results. At First Avenue Property, we know, say and do what is required to get your property tenanted. It’s not just about throwing numbers at a viewing and hoping a potential tenant sticks. We understand the relationship between happy tenants, happy landlords (and of course a happy First Avenue team). We’ll ensure that each tenant is screened to match the property, that their renting history screams dependability (and responsibility), and that most of all a win/win situation is prevalent.

#2: We know Christchurch
Why trust your property with a business that is based in Auckland and treats you as a number. With First Avenue, we’re part of the Christchurch and Canterbury landscape. With decades of experience in the Christchurch property market, we understand Cantabrians, their passions, and most of all property.

Whether your property is located in Christchurch City, Ohoka, Rolleston or Halswell, we know what a fair price for a rental is and we’ll help educate you on how to achieve top dollar – but also tell you when we think you’re a little too ambitious. We are here to tenant your property, so we’ll minimise vacant periods and ensure that it is providing the investment it’s supposed to be.

#3: We know what Customer Service looks like
At First Avenue, you, your property, and your tenant receive top quality customer service. What can you expect?

  • We’re on call 24/7, 365 days of the year, so rest-assured that your investment has eyes on it all times and we are only a telephone call away.
  • Periodic property inspections and maintenance checks to ensure that the property remains at its peak.
  • We don’t charge for advice, so if you want to talk about your property and its future potential, drop in to the office or give one of the team a call to talk turkey.
  • We take pride on securing the right tenant for the right property. Our tenant vetting processes are robust and you can expect reference checks, online credit and Tenancy Tribunal checks. Tenant interviews are also part and parcel of the quality customer services you can expect.
  • We take care of any maintenance or emergency services required at your property. With your authority, we’ll put our list of preferred suppliers on high alert and they can attend to anything required.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! We stand behind our word and services. If we get something wrong, we’ll fix it.

#4: Money in the Bank
After many years in the Property Management game, we’ve implemented one of the robust rent collection systems to ensure rents fall into your bank account and not into arrears. Our systems alert your dedicated property manager to the failure of any payment and they will follow up with the tenant to ensure this discrepancy is rectified.

With First Avenue Property rent collection system, you also have the added benefit of receiving rentals either once a month, or twice a month (which can help minimise mortgage repayment values in the long term). You’ll also receive detailed financial reporting on your property, including monthly reports and a yearly report convenient for processing your year tax position.

#5: Competitive Rates and No Hidden Costs
At First Avenue Property, the property management fees agreed are the only fees you ever pay. Unlike some of our competitors, you’ll receive a fixed price for our range of property management services. There won’t be any nasty hidden fees or surprises on your invoice.

You can expect from time to time that additional costs associated with maintenance will be incurred (as with any property), but you’ll be consulted every step of the way on when these need to be undertaken.

Not quite sure?
The decision on whether to utilise the services of a property manager is a difficult one, but the decision on who to employ as your property management company shouldn’t be – think First Avenue Property.

If you’re still unsure, maybe you need to review James’ scenario below. Click below.

When you’re ready to speak with the best in the business, don’t hesitate to call us. We look forward to speaking with you shortly.

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