7 Top Tips on Selling Your Home

February 4, 2016

Selling your home can be a daunting task – cleaning and organising, undertaking open homes and hoping that every person who walks through the door is a potential buyer. Our First Avenue agents go above and beyond to help sell your home, but there are a number of things you can do to increase the appeal of your home - especially before you start opening your doors to the general public.

We've collected these tried and true "top tips" for great open homes:

1. Fix, fill, and paint

Start by doing a thorough inspection of the house, inside and out. Fill in any cracks or holes you see. If there's anything that needs fixing, do that too.

Pressure wash exterior walls, paths and decks, and add fresh coats of paint to any walls, window sills or skirting boards that need it. It really makes a difference, and people appreciate a home that has been well cared for.

2. Kerb appeal

Look at your home from the street. Are the gardens tidy and weed free? Lawns mowed? Paths clear of debris and intrusive shrubbery?

The view from the street is the first impression buyers get of your home. Create a welcoming appeal by clearing the front yard and making sure that all gates work or are open. Consider placing flowering plants near the door to add extra appeal and warmth.

3. Clean

Clean everything! From floors to ceilings, make sure nothing is left untouched. Be methodical and clean room by room – move furniture around, clean the windows and polish taps and handles.  Vanities and kitchen joinery may not be the latest style but when they’re sparkling they often look superb.

For prospective buyers, you want them to enter a clean home and be thinking about buying it, rather than coming into a dirty home and thinking about cleaning it!

4. De-clutter and de-personalise

Simplicity is key. Clear away any objects that can make a room feel cluttered or smaller.

Think about the furniture and its placement – if there are side tables, beanbags, stools or toys covering a living room floor, store these away to make more room and create a larger area. Keep benches and tables clear of anything unnecessary. Don't forget garages and sheds too. If a piece of furniture isn’t practical or functional, simply remove it and store it away until the house is sold.

Pack away personal photos, family heirlooms, certificates or other effects. These distract buyers, and they want be able to see themselves in the home, rather than feeling they're intruding in a family home.

By making the space a blank canvas, prospective buyers can immediately imagine living in the space and turning it into their home.

5. Organise cupboards and storage spaces

Some prospective buyers like to look into kitchen cupboards and other storage spaces. Take the time to de-clutter and organise these to create space and impress buyers.

You don't have to go as far as colour coding, but buyers like to see an organised space where things won't fall on them if they open the door.

And where possible, try to leave an area within a cupboard (such as a shelf or two) free of anything – this makes the house and storage seem bigger in size, when actually all you’ve done is manipulated the space.

6. Turn on lights, open doors and windows

Making your home light, bright, breezy and open makes it look more welcoming and expansive. If the weather is nice, open windows and the outside doors. Make sure all the curtains are open and the blinds are up – especially if the outlook will help sell the property! Turn on all the lights too.

In the winter, consider lighting the fire or turning on heaters – warm visitors are happy visitors!

7. Ignite the senses

Do you have an open home in a few hours? Why not quickly get that breadmaker to work? Freshly baked bread (or any other wonderfully homey scents) do wonders for leaving an impression on visitors. We've heard that baking an onion in the oven for a while does the same trick - but that's for you to decide!


We hope these 7 top tips help make your next open home a successful one. If you’re looking at selling your home, contact the team here at First Avenue Property to gain professional advice on putting your best foot forward and getting the best possible price for your property.

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