Meth Testing Proposed as Part of WOF for Houses

January 13, 2014

When buying a property, some of the things that will be forefront of mind will be to check land use in the area, research leaky building issues and, if you live in Christchurch, land zoning and EQC categories will be hot on the list. One of the things that may be furtherest from your mind is to get the home tested for meth use. 

The growing problems around meth use in homes has made the news again today with the Real Estate Institutes CE Helen O'Sullivan suggesting a meth test to be part of a proposed new warrant of fitness system for houses. Helen said, "With leaky homes you have a profile of the kind of house that can be affected, but meth labs can be anywhere." Read the full article about the proposal to include meth lab testing as part of home WOF testing on

Is it a problem in Christchurch? There is no doubt that meth contamination in homes is on the rise and here at First Avenue Property we have been aware of the issues and have already taken action on behalf of our clients. For the last year we have been using the services of Meth Solutions and we are one of only three other Property Management companies using a dedicated company for testing. Meth Solutions tests against Ministry of Health guidelines, the samples are tested in an independent laboratory and the results are very accurate. There are DIY test kits on the market but they do not tell yo the level of contamination. The recommendation is to get the testing done before you move in, or move tenants in, so there is a bench mark to work from. 

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