Methamphetamine post Gluckman Report

June 7, 2018

Still a Risk for Landlords

Like our industry body representative, Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ), we at First Avenue Property were very surprised by the Gluckman report issued last week on meth safety levels. The report advocates a safe level of 15mg which is ten times the level recommended by Ministry of Health and ESR scientists just last year.

There is a real concern that Housing New Zealand has become aware of illegal drug use involving Meth in hundreds of their rental properties and the commentary in the media since the Gluckman report was released suggests that some parts of our society see it as an acceptable habit as a result.

First Avenue Property has always held Health and Safety as a key priority for tenants, buyers, property owners as well as our own team members. On one hand we were relieved to hear this announcement as it helps to reduce the risk for all concerned, but on the other hand we are somewhat frustrated at the costs incurred and stress experienced by those who have already dealt with meth related work and clean ups.


Methamphetamine remains an illegal substance and as such we believe that the risks remain for landlords, purchasers and property owners in general. We will continue to recommend Meth testing to our clients for the following reasons;

  1. Where a property is used as a meth lab - a baseline test performed just prior to a tenant moving into a property will provide some protection to the property owners and enable them to make successful claims. If a baseline test is not performed just prior to a tenant moving into a property, then the tenant accused of meth manufacture can respond stating the damage was done prior to their tenancy. We understand the residues from Meth can remain for up to 10 years after the damage was caused.
  2. Where there is Meth, there are problems - whether it is smoked or manufactured, there are a host of other issues that follow Meth. To name a few; aggressive behaviour, financial issues and violence. Events like these will ultimately cause unnecessary costs and stress for any property owner.

Methamphetamine is an insidious drug and does nothing towards building healthy and prosperous societies here is New Zealand. We will continue to do everything in our power to discourage meth related issues for any tenancy.



Images sourced from;

Methamphetamine - Michigan Methamphetamine Attorneys

Home Meth Lab - National Institue of Decontamination Specialists


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