What First Avenue Property Have Learned From COVID-19

July 3, 2020



In recent months we have had to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions on the fly along with the rest of the country. While we’re still subject to certain requirements in Level 1, we’ve actually adapted some of our Level 4, 3 and 2 learnings to improve the ongoing services we provide landlords and residential tenants.


Property management conditions of COVID-19 Alert Level 1

During Alert Levels 3 and 2 we implemented contact tracing protocols at rental property viewings and followed strict social distancing guidelines.

Now in Alert level 1, social distancing no longer needs to be exercised but we are still encouraging would-be tenants viewing properties to leave their details to assist with contact tracing should further COVID-19 cases come to light.

We are also asking visitors to the First Avenue Property office to check in using our contact tracing software.


Looking after our team

The heightened importance of tracking our movements as a nation has also reinforced the need for our staff to keep thorough diaries. This helps us maintain good health and safety standards and means we can trace our colleagues’ whereabouts in emergency situations — perish the thought.


Improved client communications with video calls and conferencing

Through COVID-19 Alert Level 4 we were forced to explore alternative communication measures and settled on Zoom as our go-to video calling tool for meetings both internal and external.

The whole team are now savvy Zoom and Google Meet users and can conduct video calls with landlords who live internationally or in another part of the country.



If you’d like to learn more about how we’re working in Level 1 or how we can assist you as a landlord or tenant, please get in touch.




Image by Rok Mar on Unsplash.

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