First Avenue Property: The Best Place for Christchurch Real Estate Sales

When you look into selecting a real estate agent you’ll discover dramatic differences in the way agencies operate and the results they achieve. How is First Avenue Property different?

1.   You want a great result, not just a fast one

Selling fast means the salesperson can pick up their commission and quickly move on to the next property for sale. While it’s great for them, it can leave you considerably short-changed. At First Avenue Property our priority is for you to achieve the best possible sales price for your property, because your needs come first.  

2.   You want to know a price your property could sell for

You can rely on First Avenue Property to tell you a price you could sell your property for. It is unprofessional, in our opinion, to give no price at all.

3.   You don’t need the stress of a silent real estate agent

We work for you and so you deserve to know what is happening. We believe if you don’t hear from your agent they’re not working for you. We will keep you up-to-date on your sale through regular telephone updates, emails and written progress reports as required.

4.   You can’t rely purely on reputation to sell your property

While some high profile agents attract a large number of listings, the focus and work effort they spend on each property can be minimal. If you want great results you need an agent dedicated to achieving them. First Avenue Property employs experienced sales agents who are backed by a dedicated marketing and support team. We are loyal to you and each other while all working together to attract more buyers and a bigger sales price.

5.   You don’t want to be lured with cut-price marketing campaigns

Saving a couple of thousand dollars on your marketing campaign will no doubt seem attractive. That is, until you realise that your cut-price campaign can limit your property’s exposure and mean a massive difference in the eventual sale price. The comprehensive campaigns offered by First Avenue Property are focussed on maximum exposure to deliver the very best results for you.

6.   We are working to be even better

We are continuously looking to improve the standards for our service to you. We believe it is important to invest in our team to develop our skills and standards to achieve the best possible results.


To learn more about selling your property, contact our friendly team today.

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